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About Dman & Company

lord-DMAN & Company is not really new . We have been on the net and the web now for About 5 year I have had a few Home pages on various servers . But we really got little or Moderate Attention from the sights at all We feel that we have something to offer the Web comunity and the Local UpState Capital Region Area , so Here we Are A whole new look a whole new Name .
Here you wont ever find Warez , hack, carckz,links to Adult sites porn or any other junk like it . Sorry if your Disapointed but just the way we are At frist I was Going to just surender and give up the web page for the lack of interest we received , but I thought na why give up a usefull tool like the web and Surender it to foolish ilegal activites.
You will find lots of fun links, Music and sportz reviews, new , virtual Postcard send greetings to your friend familly and loved one ,WhatsNew A new feature a local activitys Page for the Upstate NY Capital Regions area , online shopping sites and More ..

lord-DMAN & Company Who are we well I am lord-DMAN been on and around the net for 5 years now I can be found on dal Net IRC usually on #Chicago_Area & #NewYork channels and on ICQ UNI #5332344 ..
& Company My Familly and friends who provide there time and effort helpping me keep my page reviews and IDEA's flowing Also the ones who put up with the endless hours I spend at the computer ..
This web page really does take up alot of time energy and money and I hope you will take time to visit our banners and ads and any income I receive from it is just all the more incourageing to keep updateing and growing and hopefully one day have this page pay for it self ...

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