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What is a WebRing
Welcome and Thanks for you interest in our WebRing ,What is a webring well its a neat simple way to add hundereds if not thousands of links to and from your web page with out hours of finding and asking thousands of webmaster to link from there page to yours. and it's Absolutely free No ads ,advertizeing or Sponsor banners are required .
Rules of the Ring
Who can join a webring anyone with a valid web page can join free pages like Geocities or your own domain OBSESSIONS Has A few simple easy rules to make things nice for all and PG as well Absolutely no Warez , hacking, cracking , Drug Related , Porn or other illlegal activity type sights will be added to the ring . all sights will be approved by the ring master before they are added .your webpage must have at least a compeleted look to it the webring HTML fragment must be on the page or pages you register.
How to join

All you have to do is fill out the form below be sure to add the whole URL to the page you want the webring fragment to be on this will be the page that is link in the ring. also make sure you use the email address you get your email from daily , after you fill out the from and Submit it you will receive an email with further instructions with a link to get the fragment for your web page .cut and paste the fragment to your web page make sure the email adress in the fragment and the site ID number is the one you were given when you applyed . when the fragment is on your page then you email the ring master who will check your sight and add you to the ring .if you get a Html fragment that has to be edited for your page do not change the ring name parts that you change are owner name, email, URL and siteID number . if you have a problem getting a fragment or are interested in promoteing this ring and would like to be able to add members to the webring from you site please write ringmaster

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Micro-Find Banner Exchange
This is a working sample of what the current webring fragment looks like NOW any member who is good with HTML who would like to take the time to design a different or better fragment feel free to do so and Email your work to the ringmaster .if we like your design we can add it as a fragment chose !!!!

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